Data ETLs with Airflow and Best Practices

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Airflow was started in October 2014 by Maxime Beauchemin at Airbnb. It was open source from the very first commit and officially brought under the Airbnb Github and announced in June 2015. The project joined the Apache Software Foundation’s incubation program in March 2016.

Today Airflow is becoming the de facto platform for orchestrating data pipelines.

Created by Airbnb and backed by Google with their Cloud Composer component, learn what this Apache project offers you when creating and managing complex data workflows. Ingest, transform, monitor and audit the data you rely on in a modern approach using Apache Airflow.

  • Setting up the environment.
  • Configuring Airflow
  • Introducing Airflow concepts for creating DAGs
  • Creating and writing your own DAGs
  • Operating and troubleshooting Airflow
  • Best practices when using Airflow