Machine Learning Introduction to ANN: Having fun with ANN and Genetic Algorithms
Artificial Intelligence
30 horas
540 €
Inicio - Fin
5 junio - 27 junio Mie, Jue de 15:30 a 19:15 Sin definir
This is an introductory course. With a practical example the participant will learn what is an Artificial Neural Network and what means to "learn" on this environment as well as the importance of feature selection and an introduction to Genetic Algorithms. No need for mathematical experience and only basic coding skills needed. 
At the end of the course the participant will identify basic ML terms and will be able to understand what is an ANN and all its parts, how to feed data and interpret the results. 
1.- Course and terms introduction

2.- Developing my first Artificial Neural Network

3.- Feature selection and feeding

4.- Learning using a Genetic Algorithm

5.- Wrapping up: testing, persistence, etc.

6.- Mini-contest prep.

7.- Contest resolution and next steps 
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