Elixir and Functional Programming for Beginners

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A beginners guide to the Elixir language, tools and functional concepts This course is for programmers with no experience with Elixir language or little to no experience with functional programming. It’s assumeed a solid understanding of general programming fundamentals. If you’ve never coded before, this course is likely not for you.


  • some experience with some other programming language - you’ve built something useful that works
  • computer science fundamentals: memory, running time, how programs compile and run
  • Understand Elixir programming fundamentals
  • Understand Functional Programming fundamentals
  • Tooling: iex/mix/IDEs
Language basics
  • Build-in types, tuples and lists
  • Types construction: structs
  • Collection types
  • Names, source files, operators
  • Modules/functions
  • Inmutability
Functional Programming
  • Functions and pattern matching: guard clauses, functions literals, default parameters
  • Higher-Order-Functions
  • Standard library: Kernel, Enum, List, Map, String, Keyword
  • Lists and recursion: head/tail/reduce
Concurrent Programming
  • Process programming: actors and supervisors
  • Thinking in processes
  • PIDs and nodes
  • OTP: GenServer
  • Tasks and Agents
Modules/applications composition
  • Behaviours
  • use and using
  • Protocols
  • Deps managment