Introduction to Scala
Técnicas de programación
30 horas
510 €
Inicio - Fin
8 enero - 18 enero Mar, Mie, Jue y Vie de 09:45 a 13:30 Sin definir
4 marzo - 14 marzo Lun, Mar, Mie y Jue de 16:15 a 20:00 Sin definir

This course is an introduction to the Scala programming language. Learn what one of most demanded programming languages. Leverage the power of being able to work in a mixed paradigm, functional and object oriented. Understand the whole tool ecosystem so you are productive from minute 0.

  • Introduction to Scala
  • The Scala compiler, SBT and Scala IDEs
  • Java interoperability
  • Introduction to functional programming in Scala
  • Working with lists
  • Data types: Functions, Tuples, Containers, etc...
  • Classes and Objects
  • Traits
  • Available polymorphisms in Scala
  • Scala's best practices